Q and A

Answers to the questions below will be posted as soon as we recieve them from Sepp.

Q:  Sepp stated in the Yelm Workshop that there are plants/hedgerows one can grow around the boundary of one's property which will not allow animals through and therefore protect one's property from them without the need for fencing. Can Sepp provide a list of the names of these plants and/or a list of those that will grow in the Yelm area?

Q: Sepp mentioned a recipe he made to put on his fruit trees to keep deer away and said that it REALLY worked. I think he said it was made from BONES. Do you know where I can get the recipe?

A: The Bone recipe is in a book which is not being translated into English at this time.  We will however be covering the creation and useage of this recipe at the DEC. workshop, which is planned for Sepp's next visit to the US.

Q: When building an underground water-reservoir: In case you pump less water then you normally do, should one connect a basin for the overflow? And how would you go about doing that?