How do I ask for a consultation? What information do you need?

Please visit the Consultation page on our website.  This will give you a list of relevant detail to provide to us, as well as a guide to the cost involved.

What does a consultation provide me?

Site evaluation, suggestions for what types of formation would work best on site, seed list and steps for creating the project - given verbally during on-site evaluation.

What cost are involved in creating a project on my site?

Each project is a unique creation with each structure requiring different materials and labor, however you should consider budgeting for the consultation, material cost, as well as the hiring of a backhoe and driver.

When will Sepp Holzer be returning to the USA?

Sepp Holzer's visits to the USA will be rare treats for all interested.  Please watch our website and other media closely - as soon as we know, you will know!  To be placed on our email list, for updates and news, please send an email to with you name.  This can also be done through the contact us page.

Where can I get seed lists?

The seed list for our current project is listed on the companion planting page on our website.  Each soil type supports and requires a different variety of seeds to make the best environment.  Seed lists are given verbally during a consultation, specifically for your property and soil type.

Who is available/qualified to help me with my project?

Send us an email with the details of your project and what dates/times you would like help, and we will email  our list of workshop participants in order to help you find people who desire hands on experience.  We will also post the details on our website, if you would like.  We are in the process of putting together a crew of experienced people from excavators drivers to planting experts.  Once this team is assembled details will be posted on the website.

After I have attended a workshop, if I have a general question that doesn't need a consultation, whom do I ask?

You are encouraged to read the answers Sepp Holzer has supplied to other workshop participants, published on the Q&A page of out website.  If you do not find an answer, please feel free to send ONE question to  She will translate the question and send it on to Sepp.  Once we receive the reply, both question and answer will be posted on the 'Q&A' page.

How can I sign up for a workshop?

As soon as workshops are scheduled, registration for them will be available through our website.  Check back for updates on upcoming events.

What kind of classes will be offered in the future?

The nature of Sepps involvement in the US will take a variety of forms, from occasional  speaking engagements, potential workshops, and consultations. As soon as we know, it will be posted on the website. We are hoping to host video evenings & 1 day refresher courses as well.

Does Sepp have plans to open a school here in WA?

That's a definite possibility - right now we are looking at sites and making plans!